Question: Why Can’T I Watch My Netflix Downloads?

Can I watch my Netflix downloads on any device?

You CAN watch the downloaded series on another device by streaming it from Netflix.

The download on one device does not prevent you from doing that..

How do I watch my Netflix downloads offline?

How to watch Netflix when you don’t have an internet connectionOpen the Netflix app on your smartphone or tablet. … Now tap “Available for Download.” … You’ll see a list of everything that can be stored for viewing on your device without an internet connection. … You can search for content, too.More items…•

Where do I watch my Netflix downloads?

Once downloaded, you can access your shows in the My Downloads section of the app – all you need to do is hit Play to watch your programme. Remember that the episodes have an expiration window within which you have to watch them, though.

What is the Netflix download limit?

100 titlesYou can get a maximum of 100 titles on a single device at any given time. Depending on the Netflix subscription plan you’re using, you’ll only be able to download titles on one, two or four devices at any given time. The downloaded content can only be watched on the device you downloaded it on.

Can I copy Netflix downloads?

When Netflix downloads a movie, it’s stored in a nondescript folder on your phone’s built-in storage. You can copy these to your SD card temporarily to save space, but you’ll need to copy them back whenever you want to watch them. … Navigate to Device Storage > Android > data > com.