Question: What Does Jollies And Rags Mean?

In horse racing, jollies and rags is a betting market in which you bet on the winner coming either from one of the race favourites or from the rest of the field.

Typically the favourites, or “jollies”, in jollies and rags betting include from one to three horses.

What does it mean when a horse is unexposed?

What does Unexposed mean in horse racing? “Unexposed” is a phrase commonly used by tipsters or in race previews. It means that the horse has had relatively few runs at its current class, so nobody really knows how good it is.

Do you get your money back if a horse doesn’t run?

What happens if my horse is a non-runner? The horse that was running in the race, isn’t anymore. Now, if you’ve placed your bet in an ante-post market – which is before the final declarations have been made – you won’t be getting any money back unfortunately.

What does WD mean in horse racing?

If a horse is pulled out of the race before coming under starters orders, this will show as “WD” or “NR” and will be void. A similar note in results would be “R” which means the horse refused at a jump during the race.

How does a cover bet work?

As the name suggests, a Full Cover Bet is a bet consisting of multiple selections (at least three and usually no more than eight) where the punter covers all possible multiple bets that can be made using any of the selections from within the bet.